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Create a memorable performance with professional music

Set yourself apart from the other studios

Take your performances from Gold to Diamond

One of the TOP competition companies in the world requested a memorable and HIGH energy opening number...

We delivered a CUSTOM intro built from scratch, 2 completely CUSTOM remixes and countless other custom production elements for the entire 7+ minutes.


FACT: The brain naturally adjusts to stimuli, and it will compensate for poor mixes and harsh transitions WITHIN SECONDS

(Which is why a professional mix matters)


You are bad at mixing your own music. You have a lot of talents, but mixing music is probably NOT one of them

You don't have enough time. You are running your business, you have other things to do

You don't have professional audio software. GarageBand doesn't count, and you know that

Your current music is BAD. Your embarrassed to even play it for the parents

You aren't sure if songs will work together. You spent hours compiling songs, only to find out there is no way to transition between them

You have wasted a fortune on amateur music services who promised you the world but sent you a mix littered with issues

If even ONE of the above fits you, you need to click the button below!

(Or tap us on the shoulder to introduce yourself at a competition)

We Are Julie & Joe

It's a pleasure seeing you here at J.Fuzed Studios!

Long story short, we've been at this for about 4 years now and we are strong believers in matching quality music with your choreography because honestly, that can be the difference between taking home gold or diamond.

Our Recent Achievement? We just completed our 175th custom mix, which is crazy because we NEVER use the same idea twice...and we never will.


Co-Founder of J.Fuzed Studios

Creative Director


Co-Founder of J.Fuzed Studios

Audio Engineer

So, Are Your Mixes Ready For The Season?

Or worse... do you need last minute CHANGES?

If your music is choppy and has volume inconsistencies...we need to talk

If you're having a tough time mixing your ideas together...we need to talk

If you want to take your productions to the next level...we need to talk

If you want to have more time to focus on running your studio...we need to talk

(Or tap us on the shoulder to introduce yourself at a competition)

NEED more proof...?


So, Who is this for exactly?

This service is for dance studio owners, dance teachers, and choreographers who are looking for a professional music mix to compliment their choreography so that they can score higher at competition

Can you create custom mixes?

Of Course!

Every mix we create is completely custom. We also have the ability to create unique one-off remixes of popular songs that your students will love!

What platform are you using?

All of our mixes are created using Studio One Professional by Presonus. Inside of Studio One we also use plugins and virtual instruments from Waves, Native Instruments, GetGood Drums, Two Notes, and many others.

Why should I work with you?

Great question!

Julie is a well sought after regional and national winning choreographer, teacher, and judge. She has had the pleasure of being the Lead Dance Instructor at AMDA's High School Conservatory Program in New York City for 2 summers as well as on the Dance Faculty at AMDA NY College and Conservatory for the Performing Arts. Julie was awarded the ADCC Industry Excellence Award for Top Show/Event/Tour Manager held in Las Vegas. She is the Show Director for Beyond The Stars Competition and has had the honor to be on the tap faculty with REVEL.

Joe is a professional producer who has been writing music and playing guitar for the past 20 years. Most recently he has been producing new music, under his producer name Five2, for a Michigan rapper who's discography includes songs with Murda Beatz, Chopsquad DJ, Zaytoven, and Lil Durk. Joe is currently working diligently to complete his first self released  album by the end of 2020. More on that later!

What if I don't like your mix?

Don't worry!

We can tweak it until you like it. We offer multiple drafts as we know it can take some back and forth to perfect an idea.

Ready to Take Your Productions to the Next Level?


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